A Bite of… Guy Donovan

Q1. Beans or fries?

I’m going with fries. A) I’m American, and we’ll typically choose fries over most any other option, including world peace and college tuition money for our children. B) Really? I have to explain what beans do to you? Friends don’t let friends eat beans. So yeah…fries.

Q2. Would you rather have a statue of yourself in your hometown or have a recipe named after you?

A recipe…unless it’s one that involves beans (see above). A recipe for something fry-related would be ideal. As to why, well, everything that flies will poop all over that statue, which strikes me as being sort of like a particularly cruel and overly personal sort of review on “the big A” except even more people will see it. I suppose the ground dwellers might even throw beans at it, which would just be adding insult to injury, in my opinion. Recipe all the way.

Q3. Which word should be banned from the English language?

I’ve been wracking my brain over this one. I know there’s one word above all others that I absolutely despise and would gleefully stomp out of not only existence, but also the world’s collective memory. Unfortunately, I hate this word so much that I’ve basically shunned it from my own memory at the moment, so I’ll have to go with one that’s a rung lower on the old “Oh God please get it out of my head” scale: beverage. Just say “drink,” please. On a related note, let’s ditch “imbibe” too. I think the idea of some character saying (with a straight face no less) “I imbibed a tasty beverage” would probably make my skull implode.

Find out more about Guy Donovan and his The Dragon’s Treasure series.


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