More praise for ‘Dying to be Roman’

5-Star Review for Dying to be Roman

Imagine if the Roman Empire had never fallen. Here you will find a comprehensive peek into what might have been. England is still Britannia and the Roman games, though not as lethal as they once were, are still a huge part of culture. When a few of the athletes turn up dead, Dai—a Britannia native—is tasked with solving the crimes. But the caliber of the case takes a turn when one of the Roman elite is murdered; a senator’s son no less.

No longer rated to handle the case alone, Dai must work under the command of Julia—a Roman investigator. Accustom to being treated like second-class scum by Romans, who don’t even classify Britannia natives as citizens, he braces himself for a miserable partnership. But with more ghosts in her past than Dai could have fathomed, Julia is unlike his assumed stereotype of how all Romans behave.

While Dai and Julia dig deep into their investigation, authors Swift-Hook and Jago are busy examining fundamental issues of class and segregation relevant to our own reality, proving that “human” is our only true title, and none are eligible to abuse it.

As a longtime fan of murder mystery, this novella was right up my alley. The alternate history aspect added layers of interest to the plot and gave the book a truly unique distinction. I highly recommend this to all fans of mystery and alternate history.

Ian Bristow


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