A Bite of … Greg Krojac’s Wren

Wren is the heroine of

Reality Sandwich

I’m twenty years old and live with my parents and my brother Sparrow (though he hates his name and insists we call him Fox). There’s about 400 people in our village in the forest. Like any other young woman of my age, I like clothes. I love it when the scavengers return from an expedition and bring back some clothes they’ve found. I’m a librarian, like my dad. I love books and I love to read too. But I’m adventurous too. Mum says I’m like she was at my age. Full of curiosity. I want to know everything about everything. Dad says it’ll be the death of me.


Q1 What is your favourite meal?

Probably anything that isn’t rabbit stew. There’s not much variety in the food we eat – The Event and its aftermath means that there’s not much to choose from. I’ve read about marvellous places called supermarkets, where you could find hundreds of different things to eat, but they haven’t existed for decades. My dad says he’s seen a few when he’s been out with the scavengers, but they’ve been in ruins and any food that was there is long gone. But rabbits are everywhere in the forest, so we won’t die of hunger, just culinary boredom.

Q2 What do you love most about your life?

I love the fact that we’re alive. The Event destroyed most of humanity. We’re the lucky ones. Well, my great-great grandparents were. They survived. That’s the only reason I’m here. It must have been so tough for them. But now we have quite a good life. I mean, we don’t have electricity, or sanitation – what they used to call modern technology is a thing of the past – but we’re happy enough. We have food, shelter, and books. If we didn’t have books I think I’d go crazy. I suppose the best thing about my life is the library. I’m a librarian and can read a book whenever I want.

Q3 If you could have one wish granted what would it be?

I want to know what’s inside the building just outside the forest. We call it The Complex. My parents won’t let us go there – they say it’s radioactive – but my brother Fox and I, we’ve seen strange bots going in and out of the buildings. I don’t know what they do in there, but they wouldn’t go in there just for the fun of it, would they? Fox reckons they’re maintenance bots. I think there’s something strange about that place. My wish would be to go inside the complex and see what’s going on.

Find out more about Wren, her world and her creator, Greg Krojac.


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