A Bite of… Lyra Shanti, renaissance woman

Lyra has kindly allowed us to talk briefly with Ayn, the hero of her Shiva XIV books

Question one:

In a relationship what is of the most importance: love, lust or loyalty?

I believe it is a combination of all three that sustains a balanced and good relationship… of a romantic nature, that is. If I had to choose one choice for any form of relationship, I would choose loyalty. Without trust, there is nowhere to stand.

Question two:

If you could be anyone but yourself, who would you be?

I would be my friend Axis. He can change his physical form to fit whatever he needs or feels at the time. Also, he can fly! In addition, he can time shift, though he isn’t quite in control of that power. But I imagine such abilities could be freeing, and fun.

Question three:

If you were taking your creator on a date where would you take her?

Lyra? I don’t think she likes dates… certainly not with me, her alter-ego, but if she did, I suppose I would take her into space, into the very vortex of time itself. We could perhaps talk about the meaning of creation and time, and maybe she’d even give me a glimpse of my future. Then again, most creators from the stories I’ve read are selfish and coy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were the same.

To learn more about Lyra and her work visit:


http://www.lyrashanti.com; http://www.shivaxiv.com






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