A Bite of… Rick Partlow

An interview with Rick Partlow – author of the ‘Birthright’ trilogy and the ‘Recon’ series.
Q1. What is your favourite kind of natural environment, mountains, forests or plains?

Mountains because they illustrate the power of natural forces.  At some point in geological history, two plates of the planet’s crust pushed together with enough force to raise mountains.  It’s awe-inspiring if you think about it.

Q2. If you had to choose, would you rather be involved in a deep sea settlement project or a mars settlement project?

Mars settlement project for several reasons.  1. I’ve always wanted to go into space, since I was a little kid.  2.  There’s something mind-blowing about the idea of the sky of another planet, of seeing Earth as just another twinkling light at night.  And 3. I’m terrified of the idea of drowning.

Q3. What do you think is the greatest mystery in the physical universe?

The origin of life.  Sure, we think we know that life can arise from the proper conditions, but we’ve never seen it, and it’s shrouded in mystery that leaves room for a force greater than the scope of our understanding.  Is the universe full of life?  If so, when did the first life come to be and how?  Life is a mystery that seems to be defiant in its nature, fighting a battle against entropy that it will, eventually, lose and yet not surrendering.

If you’d like to know more about Rick and his books, you can find both HERE.



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